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Choosing The Right Lock In Las Vegas

Several persons may have heard of ANSI/BHMA standards but the true question is what and how much do you know about it? While most people may not have the faintest idea, there is the need to know why knowing about the ANSI/BHMA standards is important especially when in search of exterior door locks. Most Las Vegas locksmith who install deadbolt locks will however reveal that picking a deadbolt randomly is not the way to go. For people looking for high security locks, there is the need to ensure that they consider carefully what the ANSI/BHMA standards on the locks they are about to purchase are


BHMA represents the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. The BHMA is a lock grading system which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The role of the ANSI is to assess products and grade their performance so that consumers can know the quality of the products which they are spending their hard earned money on.

When seeking to make the home or office space impenetrable, you do not want to take chances by choosing a random lock and as such there is the need to pay attention to the ANSI/BHMA standards to be sure the lock of choice meets this requirement. When considering the ANSI/BMHA standards, there’s the need to know that there are three classes of locks, the Good locks, the better locks and the best locks.

Grade 1 – This locks represents the highest level of quality which has been designed for commercial heavy duty applications. This type of locks can be adapted for home use in the instance where high security is a major concern.

Grade 2 – This locks are in-betweeners in terms of quality and security and can be adapted for light commercial duty and residential properties.

Grade 3 – These lock types have passed the bare minimum and basic tests which makes them appropriate for light duty applications.


– When choosing locks for the home or commercial application, there is the need to know that not all locks are the same. The criteria for which locks are evaluated are constantly changing based on whether it is a mortise or cylinder lock. Before purchasing door locks, be sure to remember that each product is designed to cover different security needs.

– The ANSI/BHMA conducts a wide variety of tests before a lock is certified. Some of the tests conducted on locks include the impact resistance test, strength test, torque test, durability test, operation and construction test and more.

– The ANSI/BHMA conducts the cycle tests which shows how many times a product can be used without losing its functionality. The cycle test is used to estimate and determine the longevity and durability of the lock. It also measures the rate of wear and tear of the lock and the level of security it provides to consumers. For mortise locks to be awarded Grade 1, it has to have been tested over 1 million times, butt hinges for 2.5 million cycles and more. To learn more about locks and security solutions, visit

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